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trotwood, Ohio Pest Control

Trotwood Pest Control

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If you’re a Trotwood resident, you live in one of the best cities in Ohio. But if you’re like most people who live in great neighborhoods and have great neighbors, you’re probably also dealing with a few uninvited guests. At Far Hills Pest Control, we understand that pests can be an annoyance at best and an all-out disruption to your life at worst. That’s why we exist: to help you feel at home in your home again by waging war against the spiders, bugs, and other uninvited guests that live there!

We do this with a custom plan that’s based on your specific needs and our reliable service. We aim to evict pests so you can get back to living in peace and comfort in your Trotwood home. And because what we do is always clean, clear, and consistent (and only performed by trained professionals), you can trust us to help make that happen!

Trotwood Pest Control

Why We Love Trotwood, Ohio

The Village of Trotwood was incorporated from land from Madison Township in 1901; the township and village merged into a single political entity in 1996. The merger created a neighborhood (Townview) within the city that is completely surrounded by Dayton. Several other areas were attached to Trotwood by only a roadway or a small strip of land. The merger also added a large rural area to this suburban community consisting of farms, golf courses, and large rural estates.

Trotwood is the home of Hara Arena, where the annual Dayton Hamvention was held until 2016. Thousands of Amateur Radio Operators from around the world attend this convention. Trotwood also is home to United Theological Seminary, one of thirteen seminaries of the United Methodist Church. Two golf courses exist in Trotwood: Moss Creek and Hara Greens. Larch Tree Golf Course was sold in 2012 and is no longer a golf course. Roscoe Filburn, who was at the center of the Supreme Court case Wickard v. Filburn, lived near 5150 Denlinger Road in what is now urban Trotwood, OH. This area is also where Scrubs character John Dorian claims to have grown up. The childhood home of legendary cop Thomas J. Cope is confirmed to be in Trotwood as well.

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Pest Control

We Are A Full-Service Dayton Pest Control And Exterminator Service Nestled In Dayton, Ohio. We Deal With A Large Number Of Unwanted Guests Like Bed Bugs Exterminating, Bee removal, Wasps Removal, And Ant Control.

MistAway Mosquito Misting

We currently install the Mistaway system in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus! MistAway is device that first prepares a mixing vessel full of misting concentrate, agitates then sprays through a nozzle circuit. It is scheduled on a timer to spray 3-4 times a day with 30 – 45-second durations of mist.

Animal Control

Our Dayton Animal Control and Dayton Wildlife Removal Service, contain a highly skilled team of removers. This team is fully capable of providing you with a wide range of quality services, including animal waste removal, deodorizing and sanitization of noxious odors, attic restoration, re-insulation, and wildlife entry point repairs.

Mosquito Spraying

Your backyard is meant for family and friends, not the pesky mosquitos that linger everywhere! Dayton Backpack mosquito misting is a perfect solution for knowing you can host a party that isn’t going to be a fail!

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We want to help you get rid of pests in your home and improve the overall health of your family. That’s why we’re offering a free pest control estimate today, which you can take advantage of by calling us at (937) 324-7741 or filling out the form below. We’ll come out to your house and assess the problem, then we’ll give you a quote for how much it would cost to solve it. If you’re happy with our price, we’ll get started right away!