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Providing animal removal services in the Miami Valley! We take pride in what we do and love to help families feel comfortable again!

Our Dayton Animal Control and Dayton Wildlife Removal Service, contain a highly skilled team of removers. This team is fully capable of providing you with a wide range of quality services, including animal waste removal, deodorizing and sanitization of noxious odors, attic restoration, re-insulation, and wildlife entry point repairs.

Our staff members have years of experience serving the Dayton community. Our humane animal control technicians are licensed professionals who will clean up and prevent the spread of any infectious diseases from animals to humans.

In the Dayton area, we are the widely-referred to wildlife removal and animal control company for Raccoon Removal Dayton Ohio, Squirrel Removal Dayton Ohio, Skunk Removal Dayton Ohio, Groundhog Removal Dayton Ohio Snake Removal Dayton Ohio, Mole Removal Dayton Ohio, Opossum Removal Dayton Ohio.

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Far Hills Pest Control & Wildlife Removal offers a complete solution for removing troublesome wildlife from your Dayton home or business. Our Dayton wildlife removal technicians are trained to solve all kinds of wildlife control problems!

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Animal removal refers to the physical extraction of an animal or infestation inside a house, building, or other structure (i.e. barn, shed, garage, etc.). In order to achieve this task safely and humanely, and without using lethal methods, Far Hills Pest Control & Wildlife Removal will use a combination of exclusion science and traps to remove or get rid of an animal.

There are a variety of nuisance animals that can be found in the Dayton, Ohio area. The most common nuisance wildlife in the Dayton, Ohio area include bats, raccoons, squirrels, muskrats, moles, birds, chipmunks, opossums, skunks, beavers, groundhogs (woodchucks), voles, coyotes, foxes and rabbits. There are additional types of nuisance animals not handled by animal control professionals like stray cats and dogs and waterfowl like ducks and geese.

The presence of an animal infestation can be identified by several clues. Bats are often discovered when their guano is found piled on window ledges or near doors. Hearing strange sounds coming from the walls, ceiling, or chimney is another common indicator of an animal infestation. Additional signs include strange or lingering odors, torn insulation, scratches or physical signs of damage, stains on walls or ceilings, rotting food debris, and pest outbreaks (i.e. lice, mites, ants, fleas, gnats, flies, etc.).

Wild animal damage occurs when these animals find access to your property. They can tear up lawns, bushes and gardens in search of grubs, and they can rip open window screens, tear off roof shingles and siding, and defecate all over your patios and other structures. The potential for animal damage is exponential; the longer you have an infestation or issue, the more damages will add up. Not all damages are covered by homeowners’ insurance, so be sure to always act fast and stop a nuisance animal problem as soon as possible.

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Animal damage can really add up over time, so call the professionals at Far Hills Pest Control & Wildlife Removal of Dayton at 937-234-7741 for immediate assistance.

Lion, Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

Sadly, we aren’t certified to take care of lions, tigers, and bears but we can take care of squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and many other nuisance animals that are a problem for lots of homeowners. Many are not interested in dealing with the hassle of getting rid of them. Here at Animal Control Services, we do all the work so you don’t have to worry about it! Our expert technicians will be able to help get rid of nuisance animals from your property and make sure that they never come back.

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