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Dayton Spider Removal Service

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Like most insect infestations, it’s better to take care of them sooner rather than later.

There are a few different types of spiders that can invade your home. The brown recluse and black widow spiders are the most commonly found in North America. Both are known to cause skin lesions and rashes, but they differ in one major way: Brown recluse spiders are not aggressive towards humans while the black widow has a venomous bite which is potentially fatal. Fortunately, both spiders can be treated with the same solution.

Before you contact us, ask yourself this question: Are you comfortable having these toxic pests running around in your home?

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Dayton Spider Removal Service

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If you are tired of having spiders in your home, contact Far Hills Pest Control today to schedule your spider treatment. We will show up on time, treat your home for a wide variety of pests, and leave you with a pest-free environment. Treating Spiders It’s important to remember that spiders don’t want to be anywhere near you, so acting aggressive won’t help anything. If you notice a spider in your home, try standing as still as possible until it moves away on its own. If you need to remove the spider from the premises, use a glass and paper towel or something similar to trap it and carry it outside (or to a nearby bush or tall plant). If there is an infestation in your home, don’t panic! Call Far Hills Pest Control right away and we will have your home spider-free in no time.

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Most spiders are venomous: their venom, delivered by means of a bite, immobilizes or kills their prey. Almost all spiders that have been studied demonstrate the ability to feel pain. Most will abandon their prey if it struggles vigorously, and many are capable of sensing threats which could cause physical harm.

Appearance of the hourglass pattern can vary. The hourglass may be more orange than red or have a series of red or orange stripes and dots rather than the usual solid red color. The hourglass pattern can be missing altogether. Female black widows are more distinct, being larger than males and having a distinct hourglass marking. The male black widow is often smaller in size and frequently lacks the hourglass pattern altogether.

There are several spiders that live in the average house, such as the daddy-long-legs spider Pholcus phalangioides, which makes messy webs in the corners of rooms and cupboards. The mouse spider Scotophaeus blackwalli makes a bigger web at night on walls. However, the most common house spiders are members of the genus Tegenaria and they are easily identified. The Tegenaria are reddish brown with darker legs and they build tangled webs in corners, which they occupy during the day and abandon at night.

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