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Dayton Hornet Removal Service

Hornet removal and prevention services in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Hornets have a large colony and can aggressively sting. Get rid of hornets in your home or business with Far Hills Pest Control, a professional company specializing in hornets and bee removal.

Meet Our licensed technicians specialize in bee and hornet removal and they understand the process that leads to a successful removal. They’ve been trained to assess the hive location and take steps to prevent the spread of disease.

Hornets live in large colonies and will aggressively attack anyone who comes near the nest. To get rid of hornet nests, a professional is required. Far Hills Pest Control offers services to remove hornet nests safely and humanely. Our licensed technicians will locate and remove the hornet nests in your home or business. If you are experiencing problems with hornets, contact us today! The average hornet’s nest contains hundreds of workers. The nest may measure more than 2 feet long. Hornets can sting over and over again without harming themselves.

A hornet’s stinger is barbed, which means it will come out if they sting someone or something, but they cannot pull it back into their body. If you are experiencing a hornet problem, contact Far Hills Pest Control at 937-234-7741 for a free estimate.

Dayton Hornet Removal Service

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If a nest is not removed from your home or business, you could suffer extensive damage to your property. The hornets will return to their nest once the weather becomes pleasant. They act aggressive and try to protect their colony. Then removing the nest early can cause a possible attack.

If a nest is not removed immediately, the insects will continue to multiply rapidly during warm weather conditions. They begin building new nests when it’s warmer out and reuse these nests every year. A large hornet infestation can be very dangerous.

Get professional help from Far Hills Pest Control, who is experienced in wasp, hornet and bee removal procedures. The knowledgeable exterminators use innovative techniques to remove all hornet nests safely and efficiently. Call 937-234-7741 for an appointment today!


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Did you know hornets are actually a subset of wasps? In particular, hornets are a breed of social wasps, living in large, highly organized, colonies. Hornets belong to the insect family Vespidae. This family contains each species of hornets as well as wasps such as yellow jackets, paper wasps, potter wasps and pollen wasps.

Depending on the species of hornet, they choose to nest in different ways, using different materials. This is important information for anyone who is currently experiencing a nest or is about to have one built near them. It might not seem like it but hornets nests are incredibly dangerous, especially when humans aren’t expecting them.

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