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Earwig Control Service

Dayton Earwig Removal Service

Earwig removal and prevention services in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Far Hills Pest Control Company offers affordable earwig removal services in Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding communities.

Far Hills is a pest control company in Dayton Ohio that specializes in getting rid of those pesky earwigs. Whether they’re creeping around or burrowing into your basement, the pros will be able to find the sore spots the critters have been targeting in your home.

These conditions are perfect for the critter and give it the environmental conditions they need to thrive. Another interesting thing about the earwig is that it is a nocturnal creature. What does this mean? It means that it’ll only come out at night. This is just one of the many other things that make the critter a bit more on the difficult side to eliminate.

During the night, they’ll come out and feed on your plants. Let Far Hills Pest Control be the solution to your earwig problem!

Dayton Earwig Removal Service

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About Earwigs

If you are having a problem with earwigs, contact us for an earwig removal service in Dayton, OH. Earwigs are very small insects that can be up to two inches long. They have pinchers and antennae. Their color varies depending on the species, but they commonly have black or brown bodies with yellow markings. They aren’t very fast, but they are persistent, which is why they can be such a nuisance. However, if you manage to get rid of them, they will not return once they are gone.

Earwigs tend to live outside in moist places like mulch and under rocks and logs. If they come inside your home, it is because there is a source of food and moisture outside that has attracted them. This is why it is so important to control these outside factors when trying to get rid of earwigs inside your home.

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Earwigs are an insect that is considered a nuisance pest. While there are different species, these pests found in Dayton, Ohio aren’t at all harmful to humans. However their bite will feel like a pinch and can leave you with a small welt. There are other potential risks for those who have allergies to earwigs but for the most part, this bug won’t pose any further risk than pinching you on the skin

 While their name may suggest otherwise, earwigs will not attempt to enter your ears and feed on your brain. This myth about earwigs’ motives is far from the truth. Though they do prefer dark and moist areas, your ear isn’t high on their list of habitable places. Not to worry, because this means you can enjoy the rest of this post without worrying about getting eaten by earwigs.

Earwigs are capable of flight. The insects are equipped with wings and can take to the air when startled or threatened. However, they rarely take flight in our area due to lack of opportunities. Their bodies are too fragile for them to fly long distances and the likelihood of flying in unnatural weather is low. Instead, earwigs have other methods of getting around that don’t involve flight.

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