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Dayton Millipede Removal Service

Millipede removal and prevention services in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Millipedes are generally not a pest to be concerned about. They rarely cause structural damage and are seldom poisonous or harmful. However, they can cause problems if left to their own devices.

Millipedes will seek shelter in damp and wooded areas. Even if you do not have a yard that offers this type of environment, you may have a basement or unfinished space within the Dayton, Ohio area that they find just fine for living.

Treatments include treating the infested area with boric acid powder and dusting the millipedes directly. This treatment is repeated until the millipede problem is solved. Click the button below to get in contact with a Far Hills Pest Control representative. 

Dayton Millipede Removal Service

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Millipedes are small arthropods that look quite a bit like miniature centipedes. They can be between 1/2 and 7 inches long, with the average millipede measuring about 3 inches. They have two pairs of legs per body segment, unlike centipedes which have one pair of legs per segment. Millipedes are not known to be harmful to humans or pets, and they feed on dead plant material and fungi.

In terms of pest control, millipedes will not cause much structural damage to your home or property. In some cases, they can be damaging to plants as they look for food sources, but this type of damage is generally minimal in comparison to other pests such as termites that may also seek shelter in wooded areas.

There are a few ways that you can prevent millipede infestations. You should regularly inspect your yard for any possible entry points for these insects and remove any debris that might provide shelter for them. However, if you already have an infestation it is important not to spray pesticides directly at the millipedes as this may cause them to release toxins into your yard. Instead, hire a pest control professional from Far Hills Pest Control today!

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The term millipede comes from two words – mil and ped.  In fact, the word millipede is derived from the Latin words mille meaning thousand, and pes meaning feet. Some people refer to these critters as thousand leggers but this is a misnomer. Scientists have yet to find a species of millipede that has one-thousand legs. In fact, many millipedes have less than 100 legs.

Most arthropods have short life spans, but millipedes aren’t your average arthropods. They’re surprisingly long-lived. If a millipede can live to its fullest potential, it can live for 7 or 10 years. But as with most arthropods, the realities of natural selection can cut that lifespan down significantly, depending on the milieu in which the millipede lives.

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