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Mosquito Misting System
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What is a mistaway system?

The MistAway system is classified as an “Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System”.  Is it a robot?   It’s not really either of those things.  It’s a device that first prepares a mixing vessel full of misting concentrate, agitates then sprays through a nozzle circuit.  It is scheduled on a timer to spray 3-4 times a day with 30 – 45-second durations of mist.  Since the system operates at a pressure of around 250 psi it can achieve great results by producing a mist to penetrate your yard.  When designed by one of our technicians you can be assured that the mist will have a greater chance of spraying on target the majority of times.  

Service Area & The Benefits

We currently install the Mistaway system in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus! Think about the last time that you invited guests over to your house for a bbq or small gathering. Was the weather nice? Did you have fun? How many people were complaining about flies and mosquitoes biting their legs and arms? Ohio has some of the best weather for outdoor gatherings so why have it ruined by biting insects and pesky flies. Installing an automated misting system will make your next outdoor gathering much more memorable. Guests won’t even think twice about biting insects because of your MistAway System has it all under control. From the app on your iPhone to a handheld remote. You’re in control of your yard. Not the bugs!

Mosquito Removal System in Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

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Common Faq

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Ohio doesn’t have many systems because many people just don’t know they exist! They have became popular in the south and they are starting to be seen more in Ohio. Call now to become on of the first people in Ohio to be confident knowing you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes anymore!

The MistAway system has been installed all across the united states. You may be thinking “How effective could this system be?” 

If you are then we have an answer for you! In a research study it was founded that on average mosquitos were reduced by almost 90%!

The MistAway System utilizes Pyrethrum product that is delivered to series of nozzles around the install area killing and repelling mosquitoes and other flying insects. This is a natural product that comes from the flowers of a plant called Pyrethrum. 

MistAway Systems

MistAway Systems are automated systems that will make your next outdoor gathering much more memorable. Insects won’t even think twice about biting guests because of your MistAway System.

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