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Cockroach Control Service

Dayton Cockroach Removal Service

How we remove Cockroaches in Dayton, Ohio.

The common roaches that you see in your home are German, American, Brown-Banded, and Oriental species. They often nest in the cracks and crevices of your kitchen or bathroom. To be effective, a cockroach control program must address both the adult population and their egg chambers, which generally lay dormant until they hatch.

Cockroaches may enter your home through gaps as small as 1/16″ but typically enter between surfaces at door seals, window frames, and flashing. They crawl very quickly, are good climbers, can squeeze into tight places, and will hide in the smallest of spaces to escape light or heat.

Far Hills Pest Control cockroach control experts can help you rid your home of cockroaches since it takes post-treatment diligence on your part to maintain an effective program.

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Dayton Cockroach Removal Service

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Can Homeowners Remove Cockroaches on their own?

Cockroaches are persistent and hard-to-eliminate pests. Most over-the-counter insecticides will not work against them. A professional pest control service is the only real solution when cockroaches are a problem. We have years of experience in handling pest removal and know what it takes to get it done right.

How We prevent cockroaches

For cockroach prevention, our technicians will survey your property, using advanced detection technology to pinpoint the source of the problem and assess whether your home has ever been exposed to an infestation. We’ll lay down bait that attracts roaches and stops them in their tracks. We’ll also set up perimeter traps to prevent future infestations, both inside and outside your home.

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