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The house mouse, one of the most detrimental pests in the United States, is second only to humans as the most common mammal in cities across the nation.

They are now found almost everywhere, in buildings, fields, and commercial sites due to their ability to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions and diets that include human food.

House mice are notorious nibblers who climb, jump, and swim in order to get to their favorite foods, which are often found in houses, farms, open fields, and commercial buildings. They are curious and fearless creatures that will chew through walls, electrical cables, and storage containers in order to get what they want.

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Dayton Mice Removal Service

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Mice are small, timid rodents that live in a wide range of environments and subsist on whatever food happens to be available. Common house mice are typically brownish gray at first glance, but closer inspection reveals lighter shadows along the belly, toenails that aid in digging, and extremely well-developed senses of smell and hearing. House mice are so named for their tendency to live close to humans, though they also dwell in fields, forests, or even deserts. House mice have been known to invade some of the most unexpected places, including farms and museums.

Mice thrive in locations that provide shelter and access to food. They prefer to reside in walls, furniture, or appliances within homes and businesses. In the wild, mice live underground or in burrows. Their nests are made up of shredded fibers, papers, or cloths and are constructed in sheltered locations.

House mice generally enter homes and yards to look for food and shelter in fall and winter. A mouse will squeeze through a tiny crack or hole in a building’s foundation. Once it gets inside, the mouse explores its territory all night long, investigating new objects.

 House mice can cause a great deal of damage, spread disease and contaminate food supplies. House mice will eat almost anything, and then leave it around for other animals to eat. House mice also chew on electrical wires, damaging them and causing fires.

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