How to Prepare for Pest Control

How to Prepare for Pest Control

It’s the exterminator’s job to carry out the extermination procedure. But as an owner or tenant, you have some preparatory work to do. Here’s how to prepare your home for an extermination procedure.

Clean the house before the exterminator visits

Prior to the extermination procedure, make sure you clean your home thoroughly. Sweep and vacuum all floors, wash your floors with a cleaning agent and remove dust from furniture, cracks and crevices with a vacuum cleaner. Remove any clutter or debris from furniture or counter surfaces.

Remove insects and disinfect your home before the exterminator arrives

Next, before you start your extermination process, make sure to check for live insects and their eggs. If you find any, vacuum them up and wash your vacuum cleaner bag or container thoroughly. If necessary, wash your bedding and pet bed too; all of these things should be cleaned thoroughly to discourage pests from coming back. Take note of where you see live bugs when you notice them so that you can concentrate your efforts on those areas during the rest of the extermination process.

Before the extermination begins, move your cereal boxes, flour bags and sugar containers to an outside area. Move the contents of your pantry away from the treatment area. Clean all surfaces under your small appliances with a cloth dipped in water.

Continue preparation outside the house

If you are having a problem with pests, it is best to do some of the pre-extermination work before the exterminator arrives. Make sure to cut grass and shut down your sprinkler system before he comes. Put out your garbage so that he can access your garage.

Have children and animals cared for on the day of extermination

Ask a neighbour, family member or shelter to look after your children while the exterminator is visiting. Remove pets from the residence and have them cared for elsewhere. If you have a fish tank or vivarium, remove it from the treatment area.

Group your furniture in the centre of your home’s rooms

To prepare your house for an extermination procedure, you must move your furniture away from the walls and group them in the centre of a room. Or, even if you think there are no pests in the area, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Far Hills Pest Control: get a professional extermination procedure

The best way to help the exterminator do a flawless job is to prepare your home before he arrives. For more information or to schedule an exterminator for a visit, contact Far Hills Pest Control now.


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