How To Prevent Wildlife From Coming Into Your Home

“Oh no! I just saw a squirrel, rabbit, or skunk in my yard!” or “How do I keep animals out of my house?” When winter comes many wildlife animals will be forced to find shelter and food within your home or property. If you have more than one animal problem it is best to contact a pest control company like Far Hills Pest Control to help solve the issue with proper animal removal and sealing up the areas so it does not happen again.

Far Hills Pest Control is here to help. We have experienced technicians that will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of the property to figure out what the root problem with the animals is. Our technicians will then provide you with all the necessary services to solve the issue, so you can get back to living a normal life in your home or business.

Which Types of Animals Get Into Your Homes In The Winter?

Raccoons are very smart, and they often find a way to get into your home. That’s because they like to live in places where food is readily available. They will try to find a way into your attic or chimney, just like squirrels will try to get into your shed or garage.

Mice are also very good at getting into your home. They can squeeze through teeny tiny openings, and they love to chew on things. If you’re wondering how mice got into your house, it’s probably because they found an opening and chewed their way right in. And if there are babies involved, don’t be surprised if you start hearing squeaking noises coming from somewhere in your house.

Mice aren’t the only small animals that like to get inside your home during the winter though. Squirrels have been known to do it too! Just ask any of the people who have had a squirrel get into their kitchen through the trash compactor.

Why Do Animals Want To Come Into My House?

Why do animals want to come into my house? All kinds of wildlife, including birds, squirrels, and raccoons, find shelter in buildings all winter long. This happens for several reasons.

Shelter: During winter time most animals need to find shelter and a source of heat. Animals will live in attics, walls, chimneys, crawlspaces and under decks. They are looking for easy access into your home or business as well as food and water sources.

Food: Food sources may be scarce during the winter months causing them to seek out a more abundant food supply that is found in homes.

Water: Water sources can also be a problem during the winter. Its very important to make sure your roof is not leaking during the winter months because an animal could be accessing your roof by using your attic as a way to get onto the roof for shelter and then come down through the ceiling for warmth if there is a leak. Also if you have frozen pipes or ice dams this can also cause an animal to access your house through your ceiling or walls because they are looking for water. When repairing the attic we may need to get a dumpster rental Dayton Ohio to repair and throw away the debris. 

Since I Have An Animal Problem How Do I Prevent Them From Coming Back?

After Far Hills Pest Control has performed their services we will be able to come back out and seal up any entry points that may be left open. This helps prevent further animal problems for years down the road. If you are having trouble with wildlife problems give Far Hills Pest Control a call today at 937-234-7741 or fill out our contact form on our website!


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