What to do when you have a pest problem in Dayton, Ohio?

If you are having problems with pests likeslink rat problems, mice problems , squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, skunks, possums then Far Hills Pest Control is the solution to get your backyard thriving again. Our first step in removing your pests is to assess the situation before we start making decisions on what the next steps will be. While doing our inspection, we might even catch a glimpse of the pests that are living on your property. We suggest treating it right away with long-lasting solutions so the animals won’t be able to go back into your home and make your family sick!

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How Can I Tell If I Have Pests?

Pests can be annoying, destructive, and unsanitary. Their droppings, urine, and other signs of activity can cause health problems, too. The first signs of an infestation are usually pretty easy to spot. You might see small bugs or spider problems in your basement or attic or hear scratching noises or other strange sounds. You could also see signs of bug damage on walls and ceilings or holes in woodwork that indicate the presence of carpenter ants or termites.

Treating a pest problem right away is usually easier than trying to control it once it’s developed. The longer you wait to deal with the issue, the harder it can be to get rid of pests and the more damage they might do to your house.

Every pest infestation leaves some sign of its presence — grime around windowsills where spiders have spun webs, droppings on window ledges and door frames, rat burrows under the porch — but some pests make their presence more obvious than others. Cockroaches leave droppings everywhere they go, but fleas prefer to stay hidden near where pets sleep or rest. Be sure to inspect areas where people spend time — bedrooms and living rooms in particular — for any signs of infestation.

Tips to keep pests away:

  1. Keep food storage containers sealed well
  2. Be sure to clean up pet waste
  3. Remove sources of water for rodents and pests
  4. Check for signs of pests in your house routinely
  5. Make sure to do a pest inspection before you buy a home or rent an apartment

The thought of taking on an infestation with no knowledge of the bug or insect that’s invading your property can be daunting. You need the help of the professionals in this instance. If you have pests in your house call Far Hills Pest Control today! Far Hills Pest Control would love to help you with your pest problem. We will take care of all your needs so that you can go on about your life with peace of mind! Get a free estimate!

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When Do You Need Professional Animal Removal Services?

Wild animals can be dangerous, and when they enter your home, it’s smart to get them out as quickly as possible. Calling Far Hills Pest Control can help you do just that!

There are lots of advantages to hiring a professional over trying to remove wild animals on your own. You might end up with bites, scratches, or worse if you decide to take on the task yourself. A professional will have the right tools to properly catch and remove the animal without risk. They’re also trained in dealing with wild animals, so they know how to handle any situation they encounter.

Far Hills Pest Control is also able to identify the specific animal you’re dealing with so they can help you make sure they don’t stay in your home. They’ll also be able to properly dispose of the animal once they’ve removed it from your home. Whether you need a raccoon removed from your attic or a bat from under your eaves, a professional will ensure the job is done right!

If You Think You Have Pests, Contact Far Hills Pest Control Today!

A pest infestation can be a nightmare. Pests make it hard to enjoy your home and may bring disease and other risks with them. The best way to deal with pests is prevention, but once they’ve entered your home, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Far Hills Pest Control can help you get rid of pests in Dayton, Ohio so that you can live comfortably at home.

Our staff is committed to treating your home or business with respect. We know that dealing with pests is no fun at all, which is why we’ll work quickly and efficiently to save you from a world of headaches. A quick call can get you back to living your normal life!


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