How to Identify Stinging Insects Located in Dayton, Ohio (And Which Ones to Look Out For)

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There are few things in life that are more important than being able to enjoy the comfort of your own home. Spending time in your garden alone, or with a gathering of your nearest and dearest is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world. However,it can quickly become a nightmare when that peace is disturbed by unwanted guests – especially unwanted guests that can sting! 

Let’s take a look at how to identify stinging insects, and more importantly, which stinging insects you need to look out for in the Dayton area!

Yellow Jacket Removal

What is a Yellow Jacket?

If you’ve ever enjoyed a picnic or an afternoon drink in the late summer, you’ve most definitely had a run-in with Yellow Jackets. Throughout spring and early summer, Yellow Jackets mostly feed on other insects found around your garden. However, as it gets later in the year, their numbers increase, and their food gets scarce.  

As they get more desperate, they turn to sugar to sustain them, which is why they just can’t resist invading your picnic. A Yellow Jacket nest is identified by having a single large opening and can often be underground. 

Yellow Jackets will die off over the winter months, but removal should be considered if a nest is found in a busy area. They will attack any potential threats to the nest that may pass by and can sting multiple times.

How to Distinguish Paper Wasps from Other Stinging Insects

Similar in markings to the Yellow Jacket, Paper Wasps are distinguishable by their slender bodies. They begin nesting in the spring and will seek out protected areas to build their nests such as trees, eaves, and doorways. 

You can spot the presence of Paper Wasps by their characteristic paper-like nests constructed from plant fiber. Paper Wasps generally avoid humans but will defend their nest aggressively if disturbed.

Sealing entry points, storing food properly, or even hanging a fake wasp’s nest will discourage Paper Wasps from nesting in your home.

Hornet Removal

How to Identify Bald-Faced Hornets

Truly the stuff of nightmares and one of the most widely feared stinging insects, the Bald-Faced Hornet is characterised by its large, black-and-white body and notorious aggression. Though often confused with a hornet due to its size, it is in fact a part of the wasp family.

Bald-Faced Hornets build their nests up off the ground to avoid predators, and throughout the year, their nests will grow to be formidable in size. While most stinging insects will only lash out when they feel threatened, Bald-Faced Hornets will lash out at humans for simply getting too close.

Their sting is renowned for being incredibly painful and they are capable of stinging multiple times. If a nest is close enough to your home that it becomes a threat, it should be removed.

How to Get Rid of Stinging Insects

When there are stinging insects nesting in and around your home, under no circumstances should you try to remove them yourself. Instead, you should always hire a professional exterminator. If you have trouble with stinging insects in your home, contact us at (937) 234-7741 or and let us come and tackle the problem for you.


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