How Does the MistAway System Work?

This has been the question I’ve received since the beginning of my career in the mosquito misting industry.  It could be during a proposal, maybe at a trade show or talking amongst co-workers and friends.  How does the system work exactly and does it really work?  It all started in 1999 in my home town of Houston, Texas. I accepted a position to sell and install these systems for Town & Country Mosquito Systems which was eventually renamed to MistAway Systems when they became the manufacture that I still represent to this day.  For me, that means a lot.  I stand by this product as it really does work and does what it needs to do in a reliable manner.


Take a moment and visit what MistAway says about misting systems do they work.  MistAway Systems CEO Jim Jackson has a video on this page where he explains this very topic.  Click here to visit this page and learn more…



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